Tamam Organic Chicken

While the use of animal by-products in poultry nutrition was a common practice industry wide, the owners behind Tamam decided from the company’s inception twenty years ago to raise chicken on a purely grain fed diet with no use of any animal protein. Years later as consumer health awareness grew, Tamam started reducing the use of antibiotics and for the last 2 years all Tamam chickens are Antibiotic Free.  Furthermore, in 2019 Tamam was Certified Humane by the US based Certified Humane governing body for all of its chicken production and handling activities which in addition to animal welfare requires the use of a purely grain fed diet and that the product is antibiotic free.  Tamam is proud to be the only Certified Humane poultry farmer in the Arab World.

Recently, and as a natural extension of its consumer health focused mindset, Tamam obtained from the European regulating body (CCPB) Organic certification for one of its poultry farms in compliance with strict European standards and as corroborated by the Jordanian ministry of Agriculture.  Part of the organic certification requires that the chicken is free range as well having a diet of Non-GMO organic feed.  As such, Tamam is the first and to date only producer of certified organic chicken products in Jordan in addition to being the only Certified Humane poultry farmer in the Arab World.

Characteristics Organic Tamam Chicken Tamam Chicken
Organic Feed and Greens
Free Range
Certified Humane Raised & Handled